Meet the Artist – Uli Staiger

It’s one thing to refine your techniques, but a whole new world opens up to the creative that has the ability to SEE. Pushing pixels and perfecting the tools in photoshop of course takes hours and hours to “get there.” This place is a place I feel is somewhat within reach as each day that goes by, I pick up another trick, tip, or technique to add to the toolbox. The prevision of the final piece, now thats a journey that I must admit sometimes seems unreachable. Its when I see work like this artist creates that I am humbly reminded of that.

Meet the Artist – Uli Staiger

I took a quick notice to some of his amazing art the other day while thumbing thru a copy of PhotoShop User magazine. Wow, where his mind must go to envision and must less create these works of art must be a pretty special place to visit. His master of the craft, attention to detail, and awareness of light is simply breathtaking.

I think you will enjoy a few of his creations below. I know I do!



I wasn’t able to embed it, but here is a great video about his art, vision, and process over here on Adobe TV!

I just started watching a few of his tutorials over here on to see how he creates some of this magic, but like I said, its the idea that comes before the techniques that amazes me personally.

What a gift!

For more from Uli and his amazing art, make sure and check out his website here, keep up with him on his blog here, (its in German!), follow him on Twitter here, watch his updates on Facebook here, or admire his art on 500px here!


So on another quick note, I have decided to start posting these “Meet the Artist” posts as their own and not as part of a post that includes one of my images with a ramble of sorts. I really enjoy bringing that art of these amazing people to you every week and I think that each one is certainly deserving of their own stand alone post.

Keep checking back and I’ll keep sharing them with you and if you have an artist that you would like me to share here, please feel free to let me know!!!


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