Merlion Fountain – Singapore (and a couple of New Years Clips from the Paradise Ball with a bit about 2010) … wow, long enough title or what??!!

Well, first post of the year…..what to say, what to say….

For one thing, for me anyway, the new year is always a great time to reflect on past accomplishments and give gratitude. This past year has rewarded me with a bit of travel….visits to places I never dreamed I would visit, and for that….I am sincerely thankful for. Iceland, France, Italy, Switzerland, and of course the US. And with a cool sounding year (Twenty Ten…..I like the sound of that don’t you? Has a positive and energetic ring to it), I am sure to be treated to more opportunities!

Being in the events industry, I must admit, New Years Eve is always one of those evenings that I am usually working, but I love it….so that makes it fun actually. For the last 25 years, I have for the most part been on one of our events. This year was no exception. The countdown is always a kinda cool deal when you are responsible for a few effects to happen on Q. Sure, I’ve witnessed my share of balloon bags that never opened or confetti cannons that for whatever reason, decided not to go off….but this year, like most so far….we rocked the house! Here’s a little clip from the countdown here in Palm Beach at the Paradise Ball while the second one is a little rough handheld psuedo timelapse clip created from a few images a couple of years ago.

Enjoy, and oh yeah, Happy New Year! May yours be safe, prosperous, loving, and full of self growth. More on that in future blogs to come. 🙂

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