Mirrorballs at work

There are some events we do that I decide to photograph and others come and go without any documenting at all. This season, I am gonna make an effort to really capture as many as I can. One of the saddest parts of working so hard to help create these environments is knowing that come midnight or so, its gone….the decor, lighting, ambiance, all of it….gone. Yes its packed away and awaiting its next event, but that moment is gone. My favorite time is just before doors. If all goes well, everything is set up and there is a calm before the guests arrive. Thats when I get to enjoy this wonderful environment. Just me and my camera. Yeah, I like that……

Outside at cocktails, the guests at the March of Dimes Fundraiser here at MaraLago got a chance to check out this incredible Masseratti…..one of the items up for bid in the live auction. A fundraiser is in essence about…..well, raising money. Even though there are many causes to support in this community, this one always seems to attract a great crowd.

Masseratti...going once, going twice...
The cloister is always a great location to chill out and get away from the music.

Out in the Cloister
Bruce Sutka….aka, the Palm Beach Event genius…..divided the space with fabric columns and HUGE mirrorballs. We lit them with Varilite 3000 spots and BAM, The room came alive!
View from the table
As always, the event is in the details. I notice that more and more everyday.
These little guys were auctioned off for between $ 1,000 and $ 5,000 each. And a great cause it helped! Hey, how about a Masseratti full of these cute little bears?
A pile o
Just had to sneak in a shot of the crazed LD scrambling to capture images before I changed for show.
Scrambling to get the shots
This one…my favorite….taken from the control area just minutes before doors.
Just before walkin
Hope you enjoyed this little behind the scenes tour of a Palm Beach Gala. More to come this season 🙂
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