Moonwalking in Denver

So, while walking on the moon the other day, I ahhh ….. WAIT A MINUTE HERE MIKE… the moon?

Having gotten a brief update on an event I will be heading working on in Denver around mid July, I decided to look over some of the images I grabbed on the last trip out there. On a side note, I could spend the better part of a lifetime processing the vast hard drive of images I have captured from various locals around the world! That being said, I am not really sure why in the world I chose this one…..or where this post is even going actually….

I have this insatiable appetite to explore. To see more of the world is indeed high on my bucket list…way up there! That intense desire is what ultimately drove me each and every morning before call time while working a bit on the DNC event in Denver to head off with the rental car. On this particular outing zig zagging up the Rockies, the air got a bit thin….really thin! As I got out of the car and bumbled about a bit, half gasping for air, I took notice of this particularly strange cloud formation happening over this R2D2 looking observatory. Kinda cool? Maybe not…..

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