More from the L’Oreal gig

Before I post a couple more from the Breakers NACDS Event, I gotta rant about something. First off, we are doing a pretty big wedding this weekend….during Sunfest Weekend here in West Palm Beach. Sunfest is an annual music and arts festival on the waterfront here in West Palm Beach. The music started out…….20 years or so ago….as a jazz festival. This year, its a total grab bag of sorts. (I guess this is where the rant starts) There isn’t any band at all that I really want to see, which doesn’t really explain why I went tonight. I really don’t have a lot of opportunity to sneak off to this festival this year because of the wedding, which is kind of a drag as I can walk there from where I live now! Not complaining about the work though, as its going to be a nice event with great people. More on that in a couple of days. Anyway, one of the bands this evening was George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic. Okay, cool name, I guess, but is that any excuse for one of the band to be on stage wearing a diaper and red tennis shoes? Maybe it was George himself? Regardless..a freaking diaper! I mean really. What am I missing here? A DIAPER!!! What part of the 70’s did I sleep through? I counted at least 8 guitar players on the stage. It was, at best, 75 minutes of total distortion and noise. The best part of the show for me was to hear the entire stage left audio stack go out..totally out, (I mean off “cricket cricket cricket” off) and watch the techs scrambling to get it back on. Took about 3 minutes to get it back on. Nice! Anyway, back to the wedding. I intend to shoot some images and post next week. Should be some excellent decor and detail. My crew (The A Team!) has been loading in Fridays party since Tuesday. Tomorrow night is the focus. The wedding is at MaraLago on Sunday with a really tight turnaround from wedding to reception. Till then, here are a couple of more images from Sunday. Enjoy!

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