Musical Art on the Playa – Overwhelmed at Burningman

“Burning man is not only an opportunity for extreme self reliance, it is a place for deeper self expression.” – Unknown

The Daily Image – Musical Art and the Dust of the Playa

I can’t really say that I am happy with the pile of images I acquired last year from my trip to burning man. I guess I can attribute that to a few things. First, I was quite overwhelmed and drawn to the light, color, and amazing music of the playa at night. Sometimes riding my “laser lit” bike (it looked pretty cool!) for hours at a clip, there was too much to see…and an energy that is indescribable. Secondly, I think I had too many cameras. I know, silly excuse, but sometimes the gear can get in the way. And learning my brand new Nikon D800 out in the dust covered Playa might not have been the best place to enjoy an inaugural test drive. I’m still cleaning dust off of that thing!

Im pretty sure that the next time I go, I will incorporate a little more of a plan for what I want to capture, but then again, I can always enjoy Trey Ratcliff’s images! Check them out here….

Amazing as always!

Yeah, I think I need to trick out that bike a little more. More lasers I say!


So one more thing about this shot. Check back tomorrow and Ill try to create a before and after, but if it wasn’t for the surprise effect I was able to get with a new Topaz Plugin called Restyle, I would have never even shared this one. Its an amazing plugin that has a great collection of tonal ranges to enhance just about any image….and its really fun to use. It REALLY brought out the dust and detail in the sky (and then some).

Ill do a video soon, but till then, check it out here. Its an affiliate link so I might get a few cents if you buy it, so I appreciate it 🙂



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