My journey into the world of interiors photography

“The more I live, the more I learn. The more I learn, the more I realize, the less I know.”  – Michel Legrand

If you traveled with me, you would get to witness perhaps what might seem to you a very strange ritual. Just after I arrive into the room, sheets and comforter freshly pressed, no clutter to be found, and everything in what is guaranteed to be the most put together and tidy in its configuration for the duration of my stay, I immediately drop all bags right inside the door. No falling into the bed or chair for me, its time to get to work!

Hotel Bathroom in Nashville

You see, I appreciate these unique spaces as convenient places for me to practice my craft. The technique of interior photography is one I continue to work on. From simple stacking images as an HDR to elaborate lighting and flash light painting techniques, its an area of photography that when I have the chance to create within, I like to take the time to. So, first thing is unpacking the sticks, getting the camera out, choosing a lens, and then carefully studying the room for a few cool locations to capture the space from. Then, its time to take a few minutes (sometimes up to an hour!) to photograph the room before I destroy the pristineness (probably not an actual word) of it all with my luggage and excessive camera gear! I did just that in this cool room I had above while staying in Nashville a little while ago!

Hotel Bed in ZionThe one above was a bit of a challenge as there were a few different color temperatures happening at the same time. It has a bit of a green overcast over the bed now that I look at it a bit more, but again, its a learning process. More on that in another post of course 🙂  Oh, its from a little cabin room I stayed in while exploring Zion National Park. There were deer just a few steps outside of the door.

So cool!

Hotel Room in UtahAnd the shot above…what a beautiful place! I was working on a corporate event in Utah and dropped my jaw when the porter took me and my luggage up to the room. Park City Utah at the Montage if you are interested. And just off of camera right, there is a nice cozy fireplace. The switch to the left of the bed….to turn on and off that fireplace….as it should be of course! 🙂

Amazing place and right near the slopes!

So if you are with me in the future, I’ll need a few minutes when I check in. I’ll see you down at the bar in a few though….but after a few clicks….

One last thing, I have a few more shots of interiors as well as a couple of other areas of my photographic interest as of now. I haven’t shared them all on the blog yet, but you can check them out here. For now, its kind of a collection or current portfolio of some of my favorites.

Let me know what ya think!


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