My top five favorite places to research travel photography locations

“Travel brings power and love back into your life.” -Mawlana Jalal-al-Din-Rumi

A glimpse of the tower

A special part of the journey is the prep. The anticipation of what might unfold, what new treasures you might find, what neighborhoods you have yet to explore…..all of it. Paris for me is one of those destinations. Having been there several times, each and every time I go there, its a new experience. And of course, isn’t that what travel is all about?

Although this is of course not a complete list of all of the amazing sources out there, these are some of the places I like to start with when researching locations that I am traveling to.

Google Images! – For example, in the google search bar, type in “photos of Paris”, hit enter, then hit the images tab and whalla! (Like I said, this one is pretty simple) The image search has been recently bringing up some pretty amazing quality photos though. Its a great place to start!

500PX – Probably one of the best sites out there for quality images and inspiration!

Flickr – I’ve personally been a user on this site for a while. My channel is here. Again, I chat about it in the video below!

StuckInCustoms – Trey Ratcliffs amazing images and stories might make you want to book a trip immediately! He has been a mentor of mine for a while. Take some time to enjoy his work 🙂

Stuck On Earth App for iPad – One of the best apps I have found to do a map search for the area you are at of planning to go. Most images are geo tagged with the exact location that they were captured, so its a great source for finding that ” out of way location” that is hard to find. A brilliant app by Trey and his team!

Here is a quick video I did you ya explaining these places that I use to prep for my journeys.

What are your favorite tips for scouting locations?

Or you can watch the video here!

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