Night Biking on the Playa at Burningman and a quick tip Tuesday

The Playa….

Thousands are either there now or on their way. Wow, can’t believe its been 2 years since I was there. Still cleaning out some of the dust off of the D800 to this day actually! Man that stuff gets EVERYWHERE!

Burningman…..make the journey once and it will forever be a part of you.

Time to block the calendar for next year while I’m thinking about it!

I grabbed this one while I was out testing out my newly received D800 for the first time….out on one of the dustiest locations on the planet! Not my brightest move ever to take out a new camera body and try to learn it in a dust storm. I’m pretty sure I shot most of my images at an insanely high ISO the whole first night I had it out there, without even knowing it.

I can only chalk that up to the sensory overload as a first time burner….

My wheels for my evening wandering about this vibrant illuminated jungle every night was that bike off to the left. (Thanks Steve!) As this was my first burn, I had no idea how important a bike would be to cover this huge playground. Again, thanks to my friend Steve LaRose for bringing as extra one out there for me! A few bands of fur, some e-light strands, and a couple of battery powered lasers and I was set for the night. I miss that bike…..

What an amazing place to be. Kinda sad I didn’t plan on making the journey out there this year.

Like I said, next year 🙂

Night Biking on the Playa

This cool clip came across my stream the other day. A beautiful combination of natures art and humanities gift shared as last years Burningman. Check out the amazing time-lapse and hyper lapse work. One of the few out there that I am sure you will watch from start to finish.

Enjoy 🙂

Lake of Dreams from roy two thousand on Vimeo.


And then of course, its Tuesday! Here is another quick (and this one is definitely quick!) video for ya 🙂

Or Watch the Video Here!


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