Nightfall on the Lake at Varenna

Bleary eyed and scrambling to pack a few things for a trip I am leaving for in the AM, I decided to take a few minutes and post an image. Now for the hard part…..verbage. That moment of realization that I have no real information to pass on, no morsel of guidance, and no insightful words of creative description for what this image means or why I even picked it! Geez, this blog seems to be heading down like the Titanic! LOL…..

Yeah, I know, the posts have been quite lame haven’t they? Sorry bout that….

I fully intend to get a bit caught up with the goodies soon.

We have been quite a bit busy around here in the event lighting world. When the smoke clears and I take a few minutes to sort thru the images, I promise to post a few. Till then, well, its a grab bag!

I realize lately that my attention has shifted a bit. My spare time has me laser focused on a goal and mission that really has nothing at all to do with lighting, travel, digital imaging, or what I originally intended this blog to be about. With that in mind, I hope to take a few little outings while I am in San Diego to do just that. Clear the mind, chase the light, and focus on the art of the image again. As far as the other opportunities I am focusing on? Well, more on that some day soon 🙂

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