One more day

Well, general session is over and struck. In fact, the ballroom is being transformed over night right now. Quite a challenge for any size crew. It seems to be going well. The tent evening was tonight and was a success. Chicago rocked! I was able to layer in some house and dance floor looks to enhance the bands LD looks. I would watch for his Q, then grab faders and create a look to work with it. It was quite fun! The dance-floor was packed…always a good sign. I had an absolute stellar team there in the tent. Tent events are always a logistical challenge, but these guys embraced it from the start. Mac Jeffries supplied me with Dave, Matt, and several other top notch players. I am reminded that you can accomplish anything with a great attitude, and these guys had it! I have so many pictures to go through, but I have posted 2 here.

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