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Hmm, my last post crashed….so here we go again…

Music, as I am sure it is to most other creatives out there is a crucial part to the art. For me at least, my music quite often drives the emotion of the image I am working on. Although these were processed a while ago, the link above is what I popped in the playlist of the Ipod tonight as I dove deep into my trance of posting and trying to tell my little story. At this point, I guess its a bit early to see if it helps or if it’s a distraction! LOL

So, the link above is from a duet with Pat Metheny and a Polish singer named Anna Maria Jopek. I think if I could drop it all and tour with someone, it would have to be him. A musical artist like no other in my book. 

So, enough with this rambling….on with the post…

From the drive

First off, the tree was it. That was the one and only item that had to be lit…and well at that! The tenting was strategically designed as to just fit under this incredible canopy of branches. The clear top of the tent would give everyone a front row seat to the effect that the lighting would create. I must admit that lighting such a huge beast, a 200 year old beast at that, was a bit intimidating. There was alotta tree there and until the sun went down during out first day of load in, I kinda had my doubts as to whether we had enough fire power to toss those lumens up the 70′ tree effectively. Twenty five years doing this, and I still have my doubts sometimes! Well, once the generator was kicked on, I was able to breathe a huge sign of relief. Cool, its gonna work. Now on to the next challenge.
This tree
So, I’ve never been one that like to have my client see me sweat. I like to be ready for the first run through and work out the kinks before the “design by committee” scene takes place. This prep takes a bit of time….uninterrupted time BEFORE the client shows up. Well, that was the plan anyway…

All that being said, after we got back from dinner and BEFORE the lighting was turned on and checked for the very very very first time…..the audience was waiting. Hmmm, remember, never let them see you sweat. Well, it was about 90 degrees, and, well, I think you got the picture.
The dark side of the barn
So after our creative synergy meshed and the area started to look like “Art”, we branched out a bit to focus the other areas for the event. This side of the barn was used for the cocktail area. Man, I loved those trees!
Just outside the reception tent
Thanks to Chris, Sarah, and Dallas, we were able to get a gaggle of lekos way up high in the trees to project this texture down over the outside “Lounge Area”. As you can see from the tent, the clear sides and top really worked well as a 180 degree window into the dramatically lit environment. I sadly had to leave a couple of days before the event and didn’t get any interior detail shots from the day of, but I hope you enjoyed this little behind the scenes look into our world of light 🙂
PS. Notice the golf cart in the last shot. Like I said before, any day that I am on a show with a golf cart is a good day. LOL!
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