A quick glance to tonights election primary turnouts has me a bit optimistic and at the same time, wondering what half of this country is thinking! Now I realize that this blog is a somewhat disjointed sort of random ramble of my creative life in lighting and my search for light, so I apologize for my deviation and diversion as of late.  First off though, I share the images of the day. As today was a nice victory for Cruz in Maine, I thought I would share these 2. The last of a few I processed and I had in the que from a workshop I took up there a while ago. Ill see you after the images 🙂

Michael Steighner - 3Michael Steighner - 4

So if you are still here….about the election, and my stance.

Lets just say, at this point in my life, I find myself wondering wether I am actually a libertarian or a conservative. Funny that I am registered as neither one of those! I DO however find myself absorbed in the process that is happening as well as enjoying my personal freedom to educate myself and learn from this election season.

Again, although this is WAY off topic, and I think I have shared enough (for now) on Facebook and Twitter, I thought I would share what I think is an amazing speech given just the other day by conservative Glenn Beck. Now I realize that your ideas and ideals might differ drastically, but as with all scholars, its best to always hear the other side. If you decide to watch it, please make sure and watch the whole thing. I hope this resonated with you as much as it resonated with me!

There is a brief dip in the video, but it picks up right after that.


“They who dream by day are cognizant of many things which escape those who dream only by night.”  – Edgar Allan Poe

Columbus Circle at night. For some reason, I feel a pull to this place every time I visit the city. Whats not to like? The light, the color, the energy…..and if you find yourself there, make sure and check out the view from the Mandarin Oriental lounge up about 30 floors and enjoy the amazing view! Ill share a couple from their soon, I promise 🙂


So I missed a post! Not a bad track record though…..2 months straight 🙂  Ill post 2 tonight though…..

There we go…..Back on track.

Well, as you can see from the TV shot, its still election season. In fact, the 38,000th debate is on now in the background. Hard to think of anything even remotely creative to say as I listen to Trump blabber on in the background. Pretty entertaining though 🙂

So I processed the one above with Lightrooms HDR process. A few other tricks too, but it starts in Lightroom. I really LOVE the realistic look that you get with this algorithm. The room is of course no where NEAR as clean tonight as it is here in this shot. The trick? Take the brackets as the very first thing I do when I walk in the door 🙂Photo Mar 03, 8 29 30 AMAnd then, the shot out the window. We had a light dusting of snow a couple of times. Quite a cozy view from inside the room though! I shared this one on Instagram the other day. Follow me here!

I’m sure I have said before on this blog that I wish I could paint. The fact is, I might actually be able to if I tried. Maybe not, but who knows. Haven’t really spent much time even trying though! Again….bucket list…._DSC1270_2_4_6_8_tonemappedTill then….

Every once in a while, I have one of those images that just doesn’t make the cut….yet, there is something that still calls out to me to keep working on it. When that happens, I sometimes drop it into Topaz to put a little more life into it. So if I DID paint, this might be an example of a look that I would be happy to be able to create._DSC1270-HDR-EditLove how Topaz Impressions can bring life into just about ANY image 🙂



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