So I missed a post! Not a bad track record though…..2 months straight 🙂  Ill post 2 tonight though…..

There we go…..Back on track.

Well, as you can see from the TV shot, its still election season. In fact, the 38,000th debate is on now in the background. Hard to think of anything even remotely creative to say as I listen to Trump blabber on in the background. Pretty entertaining though 🙂

So I processed the one above with Lightrooms HDR process. A few other tricks too, but it starts in Lightroom. I really LOVE the realistic look that you get with this algorithm. The room is of course no where NEAR as clean tonight as it is here in this shot. The trick? Take the brackets as the very first thing I do when I walk in the door 🙂Photo Mar 03, 8 29 30 AMAnd then, the shot out the window. We had a light dusting of snow a couple of times. Quite a cozy view from inside the room though! I shared this one on Instagram the other day. Follow me here!

I’m sure I have said before on this blog that I wish I could paint. The fact is, I might actually be able to if I tried. Maybe not, but who knows. Haven’t really spent much time even trying though! Again….bucket list…._DSC1270_2_4_6_8_tonemappedTill then….

Every once in a while, I have one of those images that just doesn’t make the cut….yet, there is something that still calls out to me to keep working on it. When that happens, I sometimes drop it into Topaz to put a little more life into it. So if I DID paint, this might be an example of a look that I would be happy to be able to create._DSC1270-HDR-EditLove how Topaz Impressions can bring life into just about ANY image 🙂



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