“Western cathedrals and abbeys…through soaring Gothic architecture, [give] us at floor level a sense of belonging within (but unable at the moment to inhabit more than a little of) great spaces of light and beauty, into which, significantly, only our music can penetrate.” – N. T. Wright

All right, so I am not exactly sure what all of that meant, but most of it sounds cool 🙂  (I am open to a few better quotes about cathedrals and awe inspiring architecture if you can find them by the way!)

There are countless gems like this all over Europe. One of the MANY reasons I like to explore this amazing part of the world. Not sure where I captured this one to be honest with you. I am going to guess Ireland. Do you recognize it?
2009_09_Lake_Como1054_56_58_60_62_tonemapped-EditSo after last nights post, I thought I would share another “mirror image” creation along with the original file to give you an idea of how I create them. Its pretty simple actually as you can most likely tell. Again, the composition of the original one (below) was the look I was after, but a little later (ok, a couple of YEARS later), it hit me that this was yet another one that might work with this technique. I like to sometimes go in and move a few items on one side to trick the viewer that pixel peeps a bit, so it doesn’t look like a perfect copy, but Ill leave that for another one someday. Ill post a quick tip soon after the season dies down a bit 🙂



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One of the many perks of traveling for work is of course the travel! Its easy for me to get jaded and used to my surroundings to the point that its hard to see the beauty around me, so I get excited when I get a chance to head to a new place to explore. Although I did remember lighting an event at this hotel before, it was a while ago and well before my passion for photography found its renaissance. I was pretty sure there were a few cool features of this hotel (as I remembered it) that I could spend a little time capturing, so I brought a little bit of kit to work with.

Fountain at the stairs - mirror image

Funny thing I always realize after I create these mirror image photos is that I wish I shot a bit wider and included everything (like the top of the building in this case!). The fact is though, I don’t ever really decide to create these until much later after I have processed what is, in all fairness, a pretty cool photo with its original composition. I guess this is just a reminder to myself to slow down a bit while capturing on site to think about the eventual possibilities.


If you are interested, this place is called the St. Regis Monarch Beach Resort in Dana Point, California. They were about to undergo a HUGE transformation the day after were departing, so I am not sure they are open again yet, but its work a look if you are in the area! And if you go, let them know I would LOVE to photograph the renovation 🙂

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