“Every artist was first an amateur” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

So I finally went to one of those sip and paint places. You know, paint a little, sip a little, paint a little more….. and hey look at that, I am creating some art! Sprite for me tonight though. Glad I did too cause I think I was pretty focussed on the process. Really fun actually. Again, always wanted to try this. Bought a round of gift certificates for the family last Christmas and we finally all got around to making a go of it. Good times 🙂

Thought of this image tonight that was in the hopper to post I created from a raw file taken a couple blocks from the house a while ago. Another way to paint …. with a few digital plugins, but a way I like to create those evenings when I am “pretending” I am a painter. A Topaz plugin (me thinks) if you are interested.

Daybreak by the Waterfront

So, I guess I should post what we painted tonight now that I mentioned it. A couple of iPhone quickies we shot just as we were leaving. Not too bad I think. The face was tough, but again, great fun! Give them a try sometime as they are all over the country. Uptown Art is the place 🙂

Not too bad!
The young artists 🙂

“Until one has loved an animal, a part of one’s soul remains unawakened.” – Anatole France

I was reminded today from a Facebook memory that exactly a year ago, we lost this little guy. A life well lived with a family that cared for him more than he will every know. Miss you buddy 🙁

Looking at these images again now, thru my tearful eyes, he makes me smile. The memories that remain are priceless. I created a video a little while ago, during the middle of February that started as an experiment and quickly turned to an expression of love. It was actually 6 months after he passed now that I do the math, but I don’t think I have shared it here until now. He was a GOOD dog …

“Every artist was first an amateur.” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

So I have been spending quite a bit of time in the video creation world as of late. The process is a bit time consuming, but I have to tell you, I loose track of all time when in the zone. Its nice to be in that “zone” again 🙂

Putting the finishing touches on Sundays upload right after this post incidentally. I’ll share a few images from video below. Wasn’t an epic day for light, but it WAS for driving the hills of Northern Italy! More on the youtubes here!

A three vertical image panorama
Single image processed from my little Canon M50!
Another single image processed from my little Canon M50!

“You’re only here for a short visit. Don’t hurry, don’t worry. And be sure to smell the flowers along the way.” —Walter Hagen

I have been blessed (to say the least) to have had some really special clients over the past few years (35 plus actually!) that have given me the chance to express myself through the art of lighting design. And to have a few clients that have taken me to some really cool places to express that art … A bonus indeed 🙂

This one (I don’t think I have shared it here before) was taken on a quick stop between the ballroom and the hotel room they put me up in. What a beautiful commute from the office that day! Thanks Rick 🙂

“Regardless of your journey, you can put a little pilgrim in your travels and find your own personal jubilation.” 
― Rick Steves

So I saw this clip the other day. I love these off the cuff unedited travel updates from the road by the one and only Rick Steves! His update inspired me to revisit the file of images I captured a few years ago from Zermatt to give them a little love and attention. I’ll share a few below, and a time-lapse I did from up by a lake with the Matterhorn in the distant back ground (If I can find it!) A couple I have already shared before, some are new, and a couple are processed a little differently than when first shared. Thanks for the reminder of the beauty of that little village Rick! Have to make it back there someday 🙂

The Last Sliver of Golden Light
The Jagged Side
Riverside in Zermatt
Summer Flowers outside the Hut
The Details in the Village
Flower Boxes in the Village
I THINK I see a CAT!
Yeup, there he is!
Hamlet Outside the Village
Huts Along the Hike
Summer Flowers in Zermatt
From the Mountains – River from the Matterhorn
Not the best. Shared this a few years ago!

I shared a few more posts from Switzerland over the years. Here is a link to them as well. Happy Travels 🙂

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