Painting the set with light and the power of NO

“You have the right to use your talents and allow abundance into your life.” – James Altucher

So I’m reading this book called the power of no by James and his wife Claudia. I have blogged about him before here in one of my “Meet the Artist” segments as he is a BRILLIANT author . Actually, I don’t think I have yet. Standby for that! I can honestly say that his posts are ones that never see the action of the delete key in the morning (as sadly, a few others do.) Hey, its information overload out there!

Anyway, the first couple of chapters are really hitting home for me as I have lived through (although not to the extreme depth as he has) some similar things. For example, I have personally NOT lost over a million dollars several times over, but after having gone through a divorce myself, I can definitely relate. Not enough space on the blog to expand too deep on all of that, but I will say that for every no you allow yourself to express, you will find other doors that open.

Its a great read (I promise!) Check it out here…..

So, about saying no….I’m reminded of a client that I used to work with in the late 90’s. Never happy, always bitching, very demanding, late in paying. The power of no. Just after the Millinium countdown, as we were finishing 4 events we were lighting (of course, his was the pain in the ass!), I started crafting an eloquent “see ya later” letter.

Man that felt good. Sure he still owed me a PILE of money, but man did that feel good.

Sometimes you just gotta say no to find your yes.

Since then, its been a journey to surround myself with only those that I like to work with.

Just got off of one of those by the way.

Thanks Rick for including me as one of the team. As Anthony Robbins always says, you are the average of the 5 people you surround yourself with. That average was pretty high last week 🙂

Here are a few shots from our event as well as a time-lapse I created while setting up and running the lights for the meeting. More on that in another post soon 🙂

Or watch the video here!

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