Painting with light then meet the artist – Ruben Senderey

“In the right light, at the right time, everything is extraordinary.” – Aaron Rose

We design it, we set it up, we play for a while, and then…. poof……its gone!

After that, there is really no evidence of what we helped create other than the image.

I guess that’s one of the things that has always drawn me into photography!


Lighting events, its what I have done for the better part of my life. Its the other place that I play, create, and paint with light. Its times like this that these 2 separate worlds I live in come together and get a bit confusing in a branding sense if you don’t know me and what I do. Let me try to clear that up a bit….

The team and I at Hylite are the ones that create the lighting like you see below. Once the scene is set and programming is finished, the photographer side of me heads out into the space we helped create to capture the ambience before the guests arrive. To this day, I still struggle with capturing the essence of the room as its kinda one of those “you have to be there” kinda things! Its still fun to try though.

The shots below are from a recent event we lit (again, with the team here) just before we hazed up the room and created the club environment. Once the doors flew open, it was a nonstop high energy celebration right till the end! I guess video would have told a much better story actually.

Speaking of video, there is someone I would like to introduce you to 🙂

Just before DoorsThe table is setThe candles are lit

The art of the moving image, the story that unfolds …….

Seems like a great time to introduce this Sunday’s meet the artist!

Meet the Artist – Ruben Senderey from Senderey Video

I’ve known this creative story teller since the early 90’s when I used to illuminate Pharmaceutical product launch and meeting events. Ruben always amazed me (and this is back in the days of non linear editing!) how fast he was able to get the candid and wrap-up videos from the program captured, edited, and projected on the large screens for all to enjoy. He moved what appeared to be television studio sized rigs into the hotel room he was in and worked round the clock. I’ve always loved working along side of the talent and passion of people like Ruben so its been nice, now several years later, to see him show up from time to time on projects we light now!

Below are a few clips of his art from videos he captured from events we have recently lit. Again, I am a little more active on this blog, my photography blog, but the lighting he is capturing was created with my team here at Hylite. Make sure and check out our work there too!

And thanks for the amazing work you do Ruben!!!

Greystone Healthcare Management “Rock of Ages” || The Breakers || December 12, 2013

from Senderey Video Productions on Vimeo.

Rachel and Drew | The Breakers from Senderey Video Productions on Vimeo.

Alexandra + Michael from Senderey Video Productions on Vimeo.


His Website

His Vimeo Channel

His Facebook page 


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