Paris – Tour’ de Eiffel

“All journeys have secret destinations of which the traveler is unaware.” –Martin Buber

Every so often, that little call of the wanderlust birdy can be heard off in the back of my head. He’s been tweeting quite a bit lately. Actually, its been more of a loud squawk!

Seems to happen to me about this time of year here in the middle of the South Florida season. Pending deadlines, phone calls being unreturned, contracts signed at the last minute, unreasonable demands made without proper time for planning, budget cuts,…..yeah, taking a high powered yard blower to the desk and tossing the phone out the window has crossed my mind a few times LOL! Just another day in paradise…..thats all 🙂

I created this from a few images I have up until now just breezed past in my Lightroom catalogue. Its nice to be able to take off (be it mentally) to a recent getaway, when the only real objective was open my eyes and heart and enjoy the world. I like that……..

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