Parisian sun

I’m gonna take a different approach tonight. As mentioned before, I have often wished I could paint. Not that I can remember actually trying at any great length, perhaps I could if I had the patience! With this little series of images, I took the painterly approach. I frequently enjoy processing my images with HDR software, but a visit to Paris for me helps to extract another creative side. Capturing the full tonal range of an image as in HDR is great, but sometimes the soft painterly and somewhat impressionistic quality can help evoke a completely different feeling.

Just arrived in Paris - first afternoon
As I arrived for my first day of Parisian wandering, I started by trying to capture the general mood. Paris has a casual flow to it but at the same time, there are calculated lines and structure. It certainly is an incredibly intricated city as a quick overhead of the city layout will show you. I was hoping to catch both of these moods at the shutter click. It was only after I applied this painter effect that I think the real mood popped into view.
The courtyard of the Louvre….a great convergence of glass and stone. The interior of this museum can be quite intimidating at first. The best bet is to focus more intently on a small area, artist, or style. Rest assured, it will always be there (and a great reason for another trip!)

With a million other photogs snapping pictures at all times of the day, I really hoped to isolate some details while still expressing the vastness of the architecture.
Paris is really the city of light (and cafes!) Starting at just a small snapshot, this image takes on a whole new feel with a paint effect.
First evening
As I stumbled upon this vantage point, the sun was just starting to paint the walls of the Seine River with this incredible warm light. The silhouette of Notre Dam in the background was an added bonus.
Near the Ille
As the average traveler to Paris does, I snapped images at almost every turn. Through the magic of post processing, sometimes only then can the real emotion be portrayed…….the emotion that prompted you to click the shutter in the first place!
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