Park bench in Paris

I know I’ve said this before…many times before actually…

When my mind wanders, it wanders to Europe for some reason. I guess it all goes back to those pre marriage days of the early 90’s when I used to get out the maps and guidebooks around mid March as the Palm Beach Season was coming to a fast and furious end. I eventually got my trips up to 2 months. Living low to the ground and soaking in as much of the world as I could. It never took alot of money….just one bag, a camera, a tape recorder, a meager budget, and a free spirit! That was the norm for me…….standard practice every year. 

So…..what happened? Hmmmm, guess life got in the way of living!

So here I am, 15 years later, living on my own again (for roughly the last 2 and a half years) and all I can think of is grabbing the back pack again! There’s a huge and beautiful world out there just waiting for me to continue to explore it……so…….now what?

(more from the Ocala gig tomorrow……I felt like a little mind trip tonight)

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