Photographing the cherry blossoms (and a few more things)

So, here we are again. Another version of wordpress. Looks quite different and to be honest with you, I have NO IDEA how to post images and videos yet……but lets keep going.

Well….that worked. There is this new way to post called “blocks”. Not sure HOW new it is actually, as I have been a bit absent here. As there are many places to share your story here on the inter webs lately, its becoming increasingly hard to stay focussed on any one platform for long.

One of those platforms I have been spending ALOT more time on is youtube again. Still trying to find out my message, who I am talking to, and how I want to deliver it, but its been a lot of fun learning along the way!

So in an effort to search for story content, I have been taking myself out on little trips here and there to aquire content. As the cherry blossoms were in peak bloom, a client of mine (and friend) was producing an event (the the President was speaking at), and I have a hole in my schedule, a quick flight to DC was the OBVIOUS thing to book.

These few days were a nice getaway and a chance to come back with some clips, images, and stories (I use that word loosely!) that I could create a series for my YouTube channel. Below is the result of that. Had a lot of fun and hope to keep the channel going strong! Let me know what you think 🙂

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