Pick a color….any color – Market America 2010 Convention Set

It still amazes me that I can sit back at the lighting console and punch a button and “whalla!”, instant color….and lots of color. Led’s as a source of light have sure helped alot I must say, but it also seems like the new crop of designers coming up the ranks are taking the lazy way out. Might be me, but these newer lights in my opinion are not the end all for every design. Seems like they are being force fed into locations and applications that really could use a COMPLETELY different source of light. I’ve alway said, pick the right light for the right purpose. And by the way, just because a building CAN change color, doesn’t mean it SHOULD change color. Guess I’m kinda getting off on a bit of a tangent here, huh?

Incidentally, LED’s were a great choice for this set. It’s amazing how bright those little guys are actually!

I posted this one a while back on my new Facebook page for Hy-lite. Illuminating special events of all types is what I normally do throughout the season (which runs from about October thru May here in South Florida). When I am not out exploring and capturing the world in HDR, you can usually find me holed up a venue somewhere tossing a few lumens here and there. (now that sounded REALLY stupid!)

If you are interested, here are a couple of links to follow the light!    Hy-Lite’s Website or     Hy-Lite’s Facebok Page

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