Platinum Weddings Episode – Checca Lodge Wedding in the Florida Keys

Its not often that our work….the work of the unsung heros of the event world….gets televised. This evening, on a show called Platinum Weddings, I must say that it was kind of cool and quite humbling to see some of our work on TV. Last May of 2008, we worked on a 3 day wedding celebration for 40 people in the Keys. I blogged about it way back then on After getting to the first post, click newer post to navigate thru the progression of the event.  Anyway…

The shot above is of the Event Designer Sean Defritis. Sean and I have worked on numerous fun and exciting projects over the years and I was quite honored to be asked to be part of this project. The wedding, although small, was quite a fun and creative project, and after seeing it televised, I am reminded of how cool this business is to be a part of. Enjoy the images below that I dug up this evening and never got a chance to post. And one more quick thing, a special thanks to Linda the Wedding planner as well as the bride and groom for making my crew feel like part of the celebration. And of course, last but truly not least, thanks to my rock star crew 🙂
From a wedding we worked on last May that aired on Platinum weddings

Link for the show is:

Wedding at the Checca Lodge - 3

Wedding at the Checca Lodge - 1

Wedding at the Checca Lodge 7

Wedding at the Checca Lodge - 5

Wedding at the Checca Lodge - 6

Wedding at the CHecca Lodge - 4

Wedding at the Checca Lodge - 2

Sean - The Designer.

And, thanks to you too Sean for all of the creative opportunities and projects you have entrusted me with over the years as well as your friendship. Congratulations my friend 🙂
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