Poolside in Paradise and then meet the Artist – Scott Kelby

“I call the age we are entering the creative age because the key factor propelling us forward is the rise of creativity as the primary mover of our economy.” – Richard Florida, The Flight of the Creative Class

There is a lot to chew on in that quote. In this day and age of 24 hour news drama, if sucked in, one can easily get a dim view of what is possible for the future of humanity. I for one, choose to tune it out and take that time to educate and entertain myself to higher levels of energy.

The creative class…..I like the sound of that. I think I might order that book now that I think of it. You can check it out here!

Of course all of this has nothing to do at all with the image, but in a quick search for a quote to open up the post tonight about our artist of the week, I got a little side tracked.

Funny how that happens 🙂

So enjoy the image and Ill see you below for more to the story!

Poolside in Paridise
Like any creative journey in life, one looks for inspiration and guidance from masters. Shortly after my separation and then divorce, I found myself wandering and searching for a way to spend my newly found time and energy. My love for photography way back in the film and slide days was sitting dormant and patiently waiting for a chance to rebirth itself. Seemed like a perfect time to nurture that passion. A quick search in the bookstore led me to a unique teacher in the art of digital photography named Scott Kelby.

Meet the Artist – Scott Kelby

A passionate teacher at heart, his wit and sense of humor was what immediately drew me into his books and style of writing, but I soon realized that his was just the tip of the iceberg. Now I am sure that the photogs and digital artist’s that read this blog know who Scott is by now, but for those who don’t, I can’t recommend this guy enough. His amazing team of creatives over at Kelby One create some of the most amazing and inspirational training out there. I’ve mentioned it before here on the blog that the future of education is changing and as you can see, people like Scott are leading this evolution.

It all starts with passion though….as you can see here from this recent interview with the talented Karen Hutton!

Or watch the video here!

If you are beginning your creative journey, looking for inspiration, or fine tuning your chops, you MUST check out their training here! 

Trust me 🙂

After you are done there, here are a few other places to enjoy his art and gift he shares!

His daily blog




As always, thanks for stopping by 🙂

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