Purple light over the Grand Canyon

Its light that I search for…that beautiful light!

There is a lot hiding in those raw files after the capture that are dying to get out. From extra lumens, colorful pixels, sharp detail, to beautiful texture…..its all there. Its pretty easy to overdo it in the post processing though. As developers or artists in this digital darkroom we create in, its really up to us as to how far to take it. I had to dig a little deep to get some of this color as the sun was setting over the canyon. Amazing place! I have a few more images of this beautiful place over here as well.

The purple canyon

As it really is an art, I have always tried to look through my own eyes or acceptance into this medium of creative expression when exploring the work of others. As many of my own images were (now in my evolving opinion) over cooked, I realize as time goes on that its an individualistic journey you take and a path that many of us continue to explore and travel on. I have seen quite a bit of critiquing of the HDR process over the years, but like I said, its an individual journey. As the tools continue to evolve, there continues to be new ways to enhance the pixels. And thats a good thing right? But if you are just getting started, you might of course be on a totally different path of expression. Over cooking the image might be where you are starting…..and you like it there. Its a new medium for you, and its OK to play. I know I did…..and continue to.

But then again, there will always be the “art critique” out there. And thats OK too…..

(Geez! Where am I going with this anyway?!)


I guess I am trying to say that my process is evolving a bit personally, and thats ok…..in fact, its all OK….no matter where you are in your own creative journey.

Ill share a few tips and tricks from a few new tools I am trying out these days, so stay tuned for that! If you are just getting started, I share a few tips here and take a deeper dive into the art over here!

If you are here just to enjoy the images, thats OK too.

Either way, enjoy 🙂



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