Quick Tip Tuesday – Perspective Control in Lightroom

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Quick Tip Tuesday - Perspective Control in Lightroom

Back at the lighting console, I snapped a few brackets from an event I was lighting here in Toronto. A pretty cool old little ballroom and a great space to “paint with light”. The extreme angle I chose to photograph it with obviously over emphasized the height of the room and created a look that is usually frowned upon in the architectural photography world, but I still like it. In fact, I realize now that I could have used a few of the tips I share with you in the video to correct some of these angles. Hmmmmm……

Again, I personally do not hate converging architectural lines, but sometimes I like to fix them. Look at any architectural magazine, real estate ad, or high end interior design image and you will see perfect lines. How do they do that? Well for one, you can use perspective control and tilt shift lenses, there is also a way in post. I chat a little bit about it below in this video.

Oh, and thanks for the opportunity Rick! I always love creating with you and the team 🙂

Or watch the video here!

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