Quick Tip Tuesday – The Lunar Eclipse and how I processed the blood red moon

So I normally don’t get all “geeky” about these lunar sort of things, but I decided to stay up to at least see the beginning of what all the hubbub was all about. Just as the shadow of the earth started to inch its way over the moon, well, I got all geeky and quickly realized that I was in for the long hall.

2 hours, 2 cups of coffee, and 2 blood shot eyes later, I decided to retire for the evening…or shall I say morning.

I snapped a few as the sequence began, using the settings that I had blogged about in last nights post. Like I said, it was pretty cool to watch happen, especially when you start to think of the scale of what is actually happening.

Its when the moon was completely shadowed by the earth and when the sun started refracting its light around our planet to create that eire red glow when my settings got a bit messy. Could have been the blurry eyes and the empty 2nd cup of Joe, but thats a different story all together….
The sequence
Its not the best, but this is what happened after the sequence. I’m told that if I waited a few minutes longer, it was even more amazing. Maybe next time!

The Blood Red Moon
I recorded this Quick Tip video for todays post chatting a bit more about the process, my mistakes, as well as the techniques I used to create and finish off the image above.


Or watch then video here!

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