Quick Tip Tuesday – Using layer masks in Photoshop

Getting a little worked over with the website here lately!

Been loading a bit slow and am getting a few error messages, but I’m working on it.

I’m told that it might be the servers I am hosting this site on, so while that switch takes place, It looks as though I can’t upload and images.

Kinda nice for a photoblog to have a not able to upload photos feature.

Kidding of course!

Wish me luck!

Till then, here is a short clip I created for ya talking a bit about layer masks. I’m sure that this is 101 stuff for a lot of you, but maybe not.

Enjoy 🙂


We are back on track now…and here is the image I wanted to upload! Thank you GoDaddy and your amazing support 🙂

Kind of a reworked image from a previous post the I referred to in the video.

Oh yeah, the video. Watch that next!

(man this was a lame post!)

Along the Irish Coast

Or watch the video here!

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