Reflections in infrared (and a thankful perspective)

Life changing moments. Indeed, we all have a few of those. A couple of days ago, I had an anniversary and a reminder of one of mine. I kinda blogged about it a year ago if you want to dig it up, but this post really isn’t about that. Its more of a reminder to myself about a bit of personal perspective and progress.

I like the term “self growth”. There are many that chuckle at the mere mention of this study. For others, its a life long focus. I guess I belong to the latter club.

Over the past year, one of the daily rituals I have allowed myself to enjoy is perhaps something that I should have been allowing myself all along. I try to start my day with a quiet 20 minutes or so… reflection and focus. I use these special moments to give thanks to at least 10 things….usually the first 10 things that pop into my mind. Be it personal, relationships, family, business, investment, comfort, financial, artistic,…from the minutely simple thoughts to the rather complex ……gosh, they just come flying at me actually. In that special time of reflection, I truly give thanks for what I have and what I have achieved. It is in that vibration of energy that I then allow myself to focus on the direction I intend to take myself, not only for the day, but in the near future. Although I don’t always get that far in this process, I never get past the morning without at least giving thanks. Seems like a good week to mention this 🙂

So, on a similar note, I would like to also give a bit of thanks to all who happen to stumble upon this. For the last couple of years, I have been regularly posting images here on flickr, while in turn uploading to my blog and facebook. I have received comments from all over the world, over 200,000 views, been published a few times, been in 2 books, had my images used in a couple of industry brochures, had a few people ask to use an image on their business card, and for all of that…..I am very thankful! It means alot to me 🙂

And, as I like to do now and then, a musical journey that inspired the image and the post…

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