Reflections in the rain at Columbus Circle

As I wandered around this circle in what is one of the busiest circles in all of the world (traffic wise that is) I couldn’t help but think of a couple of things. First, how amazing it was to be there just after the rain, late at night, with nothing but a camera and sticks to capture it. This had been my first time into the “interior” of the circle…..the area safe from the insane traffic that encircles it on a nonstop basis.

After the rain

So that brings me to the other thought ….  that I actually remember riding a BIKE through this circle about 30 years ago….in the middle of the day! Funny what youth can do to your common sense.

Nice that I am able to be here to remember that 🙂

I think I need to explore my OWN town again next time it rains now that I think about it!

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