Reflections on a birthday

Reflections on a birthday, originally uploaded by Photomike07.

As I reflect back on another birthday…, 45 already, a few things come to mind. First off, a day spent quietly canoeing and exploring with my daughter is for me about as good as it gets nowadays. There have been many Saturdays in the heat of the season that we were scrambling…setting up events, and making money. In 20 years, which of those 2 days am I really gonna remember? Life is enriched by your collection of memories, and I am grateful to have made such a great one today!

For me, birthdays are also a perfect time for me to reflect back on the year and re-align my self for the future. Goals frequently change as the years go on and now is the time to get a new list and plan of action. For me, its funny how the list doesn’t have alot of “things” on it……material things that is. In fact, there are none actually. If I expand that a bit further, as I think back on the last 45 years and my best memories, there are none that involve tangible things at all. With all that in mind, the goal setting strategy for the next year is of to a great start…

Wait, I take that back, I could use a cup of coffee…….

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