Sharing your art and a Quick Tip Tuesday

Well, it’s January 22nd, guess its time for a Christmas post!

Not really….lol.

Just realized though that I never shared this. Of course there are Terabytes of images never shared, but I worked on these a little and had them in the que. I blogged about him before, but my friend Kevin out did himself again with his illuminated creation at the Ann Norton Sculpture Gardens again this gear. He’s attempted to describe the inner workings of this creation many times to me, but even as an electrical engineer and lighting tech of sorts, I still get lost half way through the explanation. As an artist however, I hang on to every word as he tells the story and shares his passion to the project. Its that drive to create and share that I enjoy and of course relate to.

The Tree

As far as the image details, this one was a complex manager of 3 different layers. One being an HDR processes with photoshop’s HDR pro algorithm (I think), the second being the middle exposed raw file processed in camera raw, and the last was a timed exposure with the water jets on to get that water “motion blur”. A few layers, a few layer masks, the pressure sensitive Wacom tablet, and a little quiet time. At least that how I remember doing it 🙂

The shot below was taken just as we were wrapping up an evening of photographing and videoing the project. I used a little off camera hand held flash fired with the commander unit using a little bit of what I had learned from the master….Joe McNally.

Could have used a nice flash modifier to soften the light, but I used what I had. I guess there is always next year!

The Artist

And totally switching gears…

Quick Tip Tuesday – Using the masking option when sharpening in Lightroom and a hack job with content aware fill

First off, the content aware tool is absolutely amazing. I demonstrate it here, but not so fluidly. You’ll see……

Or watch the video here

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