So I bought a drone and I just want to fly the damn thing!

“Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely.” – Lord Acton

Been a little bit of a “why are there so many rules” trip here lately. I mean, all I want to do take my new tool for capturing images from a different perspective out for a spin or 2 from time to time. So many places to fly….so many places that you can’t fly! Finding places that are not within 5 mile’s of an airport, that are scenic, and that are not in some sort of a wildlife sanctuary of sorts, or some other reason of the day … here in South Florida is becomming challenging!

Reflections in the Harbor

At the same time, finding a place within a drive of where I live to launch the drone without causing some sort of a commotion is becoming increasing more difficult as well 🙁

On a hazy afternoon

I have been looking over the map for a few places to explore again with the new toy, and was reminded of a trip down to the keys with a couple of friends a few years ago.

Quiet mid day moments

Looks like that might be a good option. Beyond the National Park, away from airports, and yes, very scenic!

Looking for fish?

Might have to take another trip down there soon. Ill let you know if I find any places to fly here on the blog 🙂

End of the day at the docks

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