Somewhere along the Thames and Meet the Artist Julian Lennon

I wander when I travel. Sometimes, actually most of the time, no real destination for the day. I like that. It works for me.

During one of those directionless days as I bumbled about the streets of London, I found these cool glass office buildings along the Thames. A nice contrast to all of the structures that have graced the skyline for hundreds of years, so I decided to explore a bit with the kit and sticks. I grabbed this bracket just as the ole’ tripod police showed up. Not sure what they thought I could possibly damage with a camera and tripod, but I obliged and moved on.

An open space along the Thames

So with one eye on the Grammy’s tonight as I type this (what an amazing celebration of the gift of music!), I decided to chat a bit about an artist that has recently come back onto my radar. Seeing Sir Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr up there together performing had me thinking how cool it would be if they collaborated with John Lennon’s son, Julian Lennon!

Maybe someday…

So since we are virtually in London right now, let’s

Meet the Artist – Julian Lennon

So like I said, recently back on the radar. As a frequent Instagram poster (you can follow me here), I head over to the explore page from time to time to see what artists jump out at me and thats when I noticed Julian Lennon’s channel called JulesPicturePlace. I can remember listening to some of his early tunes years ago always appreciated his talent. A few years later now, its nice to see he’s still in the game and reinventing himself. Here is a recent collaboration with Steven Tyler that he recently did. I like it 🙂

We’re in this together…..

Or watch the video right here!

I had no idea that he had such a good eye for the image though. After a little trip down the rabbit hole I found a few video interview where he talks about his passion for the photographic arts and his journey behind the lens. As an almost 50 year old myself, I totally relate to his words about starting a new project and seeing where that journey takes you. Here is one of those interviews right here.

Or watch the video here!

Here are a few other places to find the art of Julian

His Website

His Youtube Channel

His Instagram 

His Twitter


I hope you like these views into artists as much as I like putting them together!

As always, thanks for stopping by!

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