Somewhere in Denver

Somewhere in Denver, originally uploaded by Photomike07.

Having not taken any shots lately shy of the few I took today from my motorcycle, I think I’m due for a “clean out the ready to file” week. So, to start out, here’s one from….uumm, well, Denver. Where in Denver you ask? Haven’t a clue. You see, for me, this little hobby or extreme passion of mine is approached in a somewhat haphazardly fashion. At times, there seems to be no system in place for the gathering of pertinent information. In this case, some of that information might start with, ole……how about maybe the name of the church?

I love church interiors like this, always have. I must admit that I feel kinda weird bustin’ in there with the old tripod though. I have never been approached and asked questions about what I am doing, but I’m sure that day will come!

So, as you know, the fisheye lense is one to be used in moderation. Not a very flattering portrait lense for sure…..unless having a nose that appears to be larger that your whole head is the look you are after…….

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