Somewhere in Maine in the harsh afternoon sun – HDR to the rescue

“We wander for distraction, but we travel for fulfillment.”  – Hilaire Belloc

Tripod sticks in hand, backpack loaded up, memory cards emptied, and batteries charged…..oh, and a healthy snack or two for the hike. For some, clearing your mind and recharging resembles a lounge chair on a sandy beach with a Pina’ Colada. (actually, that really sounds good now that I think of it!) Nothing wrong with that of course, but there is a side of me that gets more of a charge (or a recharge shall I say) treking about the landscape in search of the image.

I set up for this shot just a few boulders past a pack of artists that were painting the landscape scenes on canvas. I stopped and chatted to a few of them and admired there work. I’ve always had this side of me that wishes I was a painter. Not exactly sure why I have never tried……. For now, my canvas is the screen and my palette of color that I dip into comes from the digital space. In the eyes of the painter, I might be seen as a cheater, but its how I create…and that’s ok by me 🙂

So, by the way, I am getting a little closer to creating a few little clips of tips and tricks for HDR processing, capture, workflow, yada yada yada…

If you are interested, please stay tuned, or better yet, sign up for my newsletter or contact me at the links below. Any ideas or tips your are looking for? I’d love to hear from you!

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