Son et’ Lumiere Sunday – Details from a wedding

So, Ive decided to add a weee bit more structure to my blog posts starting this week. Last Tuesday I started what I hope to be a weekly post of time-lapse projects I have recently been playing around with. Time-lapse Tuesdays shall serve up a weekly sampling of these experimental pieces. Tonights little launch is intented to be a weekly serving of images from events that I am either currently working on or have never had a chance to display. These Sunday evening posts will from here on out be refered to “Son et’ Lumiere Sundays.” This phrase is one that I have always liked as it means sound and light show in French. Although, the majority of the events I work on are more of a synergy of various artisans and designers in other areas as well, lighting, sound, and electronic scenery is our specialty.

For this event, a wedding, the beauty is always in the details. Before expanding out to the larger view of the room and its treatment (for some other week), I would like to zoom in a bit close and enjoy the details that the designer created.

Table Details

Cake Details

Food Details
I used a new template idea for the top 3 images as I like these types of layouts. I like how the groups of pictures seem to create more of a complete picture and story to the scene. Although I am far from proficient in this look, I have always liked it, as seen in many travel and bridal magazines (aahhh, not that I look at a lot of Bridal Magazines, but you get the picture.)

If you have ever visited this blog before, you know that I create a lot of saturated and slightly over the edge processed HDR looks. These types of events, especially this last season, have given me a lot of opportunities to explore a more soft side in my search for images and subjects. That time before the doors open for the guest is the time I kinda feel like a kid in a candy store bouncing about the room with tripod (my gosh, that sounded stupid, didn’t it?)
The first layout above is a sampling of some of the beautiful table details. Nothing is overlooked here in this cohesive design. The bride had a love for lavender and was the driving force in the color and feel of the flowers, linen, and lighting. The cake, as detailed in the second image, is one of those things that I often wonder if most of the guests get to appreciate. The intricate pieces of icing and texture were fun to explore with the camera. I guess that took my mind off of wanting to grab a fork and dig in (my gosh, could you imagine the horror upon finding a gouged chunk of cake removed from the back side by a hungry lighting designer? I often have….hehehe). While walking thru the cocktail area on my way out to the car before the guests arrived, I couldn’t help but grab a couple of details shots of the sushi. Once again, I had to fight the urge!

Wedding Florals
The pastel lavender color the bride loved so much was a predominate player in the lighting design scheme we created. Look for some more images from the event soon (perhaps next week) on another Son et’ Lumiere Sunday!
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