Son et’ Lumiere Sunday – "a small but important part of a special event"

Yes, indeed it is Sunday again, and for this blog…….you guessed it…..Son et’ Lumaire Sunday. That one day a week that I have reserved for a peek into the unique industry I have been a part of.

I am quite proud of the fact that in addition to flawlessly serving the social, corporate, and event markets (which is quite rare for a small company to accomplish), we have always been a full technical production house with a design driven focus. While, it is quite common to find equipment rental companies, labor organizations, and design organizations, having all of that under one roof can sometimes be a bit of a juggling act. I can proudly admit that we are but one in a few that has successfully accomplished this….design driven production with a passion for excellence.

Ok, enough of the pat on the back for now……

What I really want to focus on goes a little deeper…..

In the events world, it takes quite a bit of focus from a lot of vendors. Meeting planners, designers, production coordinators, caterers, florists, etc., all working in complete synergy for the same goal…..a flawless event. I love that! Sure we all have other events we are working on with a million things that need to be done, but when it comes down to it, nothing matters before the event except for THAT event…….nothing! Doors happen on schedule and there is NO excuse. When I start to loose that focus, I remind myself of one thing. Be it a wedding, corporate meeting, concert, party, or theatrical performance, there are a few key individuals that have lived this event in their minds for a long time. The bride who has dreamed of her special night, the meeting planner that had the vision for that special launch promotion, the artist that has practiced for months for their performance, the fundraising committee that has worked tirelessly planning for weeks…….it all boils down to that special time, show time. As an event professional, you have to realize that, tune into it, and become a part of it. To give it anything less that 100% is really letting down those who have entrusted you to help carry out their celebration and vision. I sincerely look forward to once again, harmoniously being a part of this magic over the next few months as our season kicks in.

Just outside the entrance

Wedding details - just before the guests arrived

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