Son et’ Lumiere Sunday – Market America – 2008 Convention

Son et’ Lumiere Sunday – a day I have set aside as a weekly opportunity to post a bit about the industry I find myself in. This Sunday, I find myself up in Greensboro for our annual Market America convention. The image above was actually from last year as the load in for this year will commence in about, oh, seven hours or so. Sometimes, its still hard to imagine that in one day, we get this rig virtually in and focussed! Of course, if not for the hard work of the Hylite crew for the last week working tirelessly in the hot South Florida shop prepping this show like a concert tour would load in, tomorrow would probably be a total disaster…, it WOULD be a disaster (and thats putting it nicely!)

As I seem to totally immerse myself in this project, I anticipate most of my posts this week to be about this project…..onsite and behind the scenes.

One more before I turn in, here is a video I posted this evening from a previous show of the producer doing his best to announce some of the names in the recognition portion of the program….most of them in Mandarin! Enjoy!

More on all of this later 🙂

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