Stopping for the light and a quick mention about a new course!

“To love beauty is to see light.” – Victor Hugo


Always searching for the light!

After spending the afternoon exploring the river under the foliage canopy, it was time to head out to see what the sun was doing. As luck would have it, the sky was about to unfold. But where to go?

Sometimes that’s the biggest challenge…….

As is often the case when bumbling about a new location for the first time, its actually more like “scouting” the area. Look around for a while and come back to the best spots during the best light. Well, I had nowhere “amazing” planned, and since I had a flight the next morning, it was now or never! Find something….anything……

The sun was fading fast so I scrambled to find the first subject I could find. Not exactly an epic find, but it would have been a shame not to at least capture the light!

A perfect subject to create an HDR though!

Stopping for the light

As is often the case, I found myself not only looking into the light, but in fact shooting right into it! The grungy little shed to the right in complete shadow as I exposed for the sky, but as the camera bounced through the brackets, I could see in the view finder that I had captured a lot of detail in the last frame.

Perfect, another series of brackets to process later, now where did I park the car!

I share a few tips (hours of them in fact) in a new course I quietly launched recently called Get Started With HDR. I am sure I will mention it from time to time here as well as share a few more details, but for now, you can head over here to learn a little bit more about how I create images like these and how YOU can as well. It’s my first (of many) releases that I plan to share here from time to time, so I definitely appreciate any feedback at all!

As always, more on ALL of this later.

(seriously, where DID I park the car……?)



Get Started With HDR

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