Sunfest 2012 wraps up – Fireworks as seen from the other side

Feels like I’m awakening after a long blogless slumber! I know it’s been a while since I have popped in to share an image or two and ramble on about the process, location, story behind the image. I apologize for that. I’ll soon share what I decided to do the past 30 days with those special moments left in the day for creative expression….in another post soon!

Seems like everyone has been posting and chatting about this ole’ super moon thing going on. As I worked on this shot that I created from a series of brackets I captured while waiting for the fireworks tonight, I needed a little texture to fill in the night time sky that I over tweaked. Noise banding and all kind of pixelated weirdness was the reason for the search, and during that, I found this moon that I captured a while back! Sure it looks a weee bit silly, but I kinda like it 🙂

So, after 4 days of spending alot of time wandering around the local music and arts festival called Sunfest here in West Palm Beach (and dropping a couple of stacks of cash in the process!), I was looking forward to scouting out and capturing a few great fireworks shots from inside the gates. Unfortunately, that never had a chance to happen. After a rather frustrating conversation (if you want to call it that) with an ignorant bag check attendent about what exactly a “Pro” camera is, I was denyed access into Sunfest with my D3. These conversations never seem to go that well for me as I have a real hard time with security, authority, and in this case, stupidity.

What exactly is a pro camera anyway. If this is a item that is not excepted, should there not be a clear cut description for the inept (and while I am at it) rude bag check jackass to follow. And why even follow a guideline like that? Can not an image from even a celphone be labled as an item of worth to a purchaser of content, thus making the iPhone a “Pro” camera? Sure its a stretch, but an easy one to make (except for that bag check person….trust me on that one).

In addition, in this golden age of media, blogs, and social media, would it not be in Sunfests interest to get better quality content out there to promote their brand?

So, I was loosing the battle, so off to execute plan B. A long walk over to the Island of Palm Beach…bad knee and all! Here we go…

In retrospect, I’m actually glad it happened. I have always wondered what the scene was like on the less crowded, calm, and serene side of the intracoastal was like for capturing the night time explosions of fire and color. Along the bike path is definitely the place to be. First off, if you didn’t have a pace for the day, you get to save $ 35…for a better view too! I highly recommend it over there, especially for families and other photogs that simply want to capture the beauty in the sky. Of course, I was planning on spending yet a few more bucks while in the gate, but its there loss. Sorry Sunfest, you’re getting a little too corporate on us creatives. Perhaps you might want to remember where you came from!

While over on the seawall, I enjoyed a little chat with another native West Palm Beacher that was reminsing about the old days of Sunfest, when it was more of a celebration of local artists and musicians. Well, the only constant in life is change, its just tough sometimes when it seems to be a change for the worst….

Anyway, sorry to gripe. Hope you like the images I brought back for ya!


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