Sunset at Seabring thru the moss

I captured this just as I finished illegally parking my car. I figured it only appropriate to post a nice calm soothing image as I am presently scurrying about frantically packing for another week on the road. Man do I have an excessive amount of gadgets and adaptors! I actually have a list for all my personal stuff….kind of outta control actually.

I can hardly wait to see what will be broken on my Delta flight tomorrow. I seem to be on some sort of a loosing streak with them. I leave at 7AM which doesn’t really explain why I am adding to today’s post right now at 1AM! Time to get some shut eye.

I am working on a week long corporate meeting in San Francisco and am pretty excited about it. The crew is a great one to work with and San Fran. has some really great photo possibilities. I am heading out a day early to try to get some images on the Sausolito side of the bay.

More on all this later!

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