Swiss Chalet seen on a downhill hike

There is a unique opportunity for the hiker in Switzerland…..the downhill hike. I stumbled upon this fantastic idea while bumbling thru Europe a while back. The scene is this. Pack a little lunch, water, some snacks, camera, and of course some good hiking shoes. Take a one way trip op the mountain via gondola or cable car. Exit at the top stop, look for the path markers and set off on your hike DOWN HILL ALL THE WAY! What a cool concept. I did this several times in Lucerne, Interlocken, and Zermatt. Of course the need for good hiking shoes was realized by the 2nd attempt!

This image is another scan that I applied some “painter” effects to. I used a few layers as to maintain as much detail while preserving the light and shadow on the trees. Even though this original image was captured back in the “slide days”, I really had fun breathing new light and life into it.

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