Taking a new direction in your journey – Fall Colors in Acadia

“Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way.” – Edward De Bono

Have you ever taken a somewhat unpredictable path in your life to see where that may lead you?

It’s a pretty deep question and to be honest with you, I could really go off on a long tangent here, so I’ll save that for another post soon.

The short version is…..as an entrepreneur, I have made a few strategic decisions over the past few years with the hopes of getting a tighter handle on my own personal life, creativity, family life, balance, and self growth. More is not always better…..more is just more of the same….and less of so many other things! I can remember saying several years back, that if I am ever doing thing this (Designing and providing lights for special events) for just the money, its time to have a deeper look at things. I guess I kinda predicted the beaten path I was on. For the most part, I feel I am now on the right track. It’s actually funny how slowing down the load a bit can give you a fresh new perspective and interest in an industry you were were starting to get a little burnt out in!

Again, its a little deeper for a quick post, but Ill visit again soon as I am positive that there are a few other creatives out there that can relate to these types of tough decisions…

The Daily Image – Searching for Direction in the Acadia National Park

One of those personal creative outlets for me has of course been photography (and travel). Its such a blessing to give yourself personal time to create! Even within that part of my life though, I realized while on a workshop with John Paul Caponigro in Maine last year, that it was up to me to dig a little deeper and escape a little bit from the usually HDR processing that I have been dabbling in over the last four or five years. Of course, in the words of Malcom Gladwell, it takes a good 10,000 hours to truly perfect ANYTHING in life, so that being said, its still something I continue to try and master! Again, taking the time away from the grind gives you those extra hours to “play”. Its a choice…..

Michael Steighner - 9

So as I mentioned in another post here on the blog, when it was time to share our work with the group that we created throughout the week, my idea was to share a set of images from each of the sessions that we went out on….first showing an HDR that I crafted, and then a dyptic, trip tic, or a quad that was an example of how I was seeing the same site in a “non-HDR” kinda light. I think it was the “PicFrame” app for the iphone that inspired me the create these little grids of similar images actually. Nothing amazing, but all part of the creative process……..

Michael Steighner - 10

How has photography changed your life?

Leave a comment, I’d love to hear!

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