That hotel in Ireland

Sometimes it pays to reach out into the inter webs….into the sociality interconnected world we find ourselves in…..for a recommendation. I had absolutely NO idea where I was going (or where I had been for that matter) as I planned my unfolding trip across the country of Ireland, so I reached out with a quick mention (on Facebook I think it was).  One of the best tips from an internet friend of mine from the Island (Ireland that is) recommended I stop by this place. (thanks Fiona!) As I was only one of a small group of humans at this colossal place for the better part of a couple of days, I couldn’t help but feel like this place was my little home. Couldn’t imagine having to take care of it though!
A garden in Ireland

I was thinking about this place (Ireland that it) as I spent a little time listening to a bit of Coldplay this evening. Last time I was there…about 3 albums ago….their concert at the Oxegen Festival was one of the reasons I decided to go there when I did. I just found out that they are performing at the Superbowl this year too.

Might have to chase them around Europe again this year 🙂

Here is a quick one from their newest album….one that I listen to quite a bit as I work on my images.


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