The 2009 Lusitano Collection – Part 1

The following images are from an event we did in February….a horse auction, a first for us. This quick description is right out of the program from the event:

The Lusitano Collection is a trademark established by five of the most important Lusitano horse breeders in Brazil and Portugal. In 2008 The Lusitano Collection International Exhibition made its debut in the United States at a highly successful auction during the period of Florida’s world-renowned Winter Equestrian Festival. It was the first time that such a collection of Lusitanos had been sold on US soil and gave clients the advantage of acquiring horses that cannot be found elsewhere in the world without the necessity of importing them either from Portugal or Brazil.

The 2009 exhibition marks the fourth anniversary of the auction and the second year it will take place in the United States. The 2009 auction will highlight collections of Lusitanos from two of the most important breeding farms in Brazil: Interagro Farms and Couderlaria Rocas do Vouga and has elected to invite only 400 attendees.

Like I said, that was right out of the program from the event. We were honored to be chosen to provide lighting for this prestigious event last month.

Just outside of the guest
Just outside of the tent that was constructed under the existing pavilion structure.

Faux details outside the tent entrance
Details that were added on each side of the entrance to the tent.

New chandiliers for the event
Twelve of these rustic and decorative chandeliers were added down the center of the tent for ambiance as well as effect.

Ready for the bidders
The side facing the open performance area in the arena was open, giving the bidders an intimate setting in which to preview the collection.

Close up of florals
Floral details by Touch Floral of WPB.

Time to show the horses

Captured from the South side of the arena. The guests tent is up on the left side. I have a few more, so check back tomorrow!
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