The beautiful harbor side town of Honfleur

I had this little European village on my radar ever since I saw a picture of it in an article from a magazine several years ago. I believe it was in a magazine called European Travel. Was my favorite for several years….till they canned it. Sad, but that’s the evolution of business. Speaking of that, I heard a little bit about a big change in KelbyOne or Kelby training the other day. Ill wait till the dust settles a bit before I comment more on that, but as I respect Scott quite a bit as an amazing industry trainer and entrepreneur, I can only wish he and his remaining team the best!

2007-7-26 Europe trip 306-Edit

Incidentally, this was a shot I reworked that I captured about 9 years ago as I was just beginning to recharge my love of photography batteries. I used a few tips and tricks I gained from the folks at KelbyOne. Scott Kelby was one of the people that fueled that journey. Again, I wish the best for him…as well as all the amazing creatives from there that are now beginning a new and from what seems to be an abrupt transition in their careers!

As always, more to come!
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