The Blue Lagoon in Iceland and then meet the Artist – Trey Ratcliff

I did a quick search for a touching, warm, and inspirational winter-time quote and…well….there doesn’t seem to be that many! I know that all of you up North are just about over this insanely cold season so I’m sure you wouldn’t appreciate it anyway right?  I don’t think its been that bad though….of course I live in South Florida, so there ya go…

I grabbed this one a little while ago when exploring the island of Iceland. I was following an incentive group for a client of mine and was brought on board to produce a few artistic images that could be used for future marketing purposes of the event. A pretty sweet gig now that I think of it! While the attendees were enjoying the amazing hot spa outside at the Blue Lagoon just outside of Reykjavik, Iceland, I grabbed a few brackets of the inside of the spa and dining area. A great place to visit if you ever make it there and of course, a nice place to escape the cold!

Speaking of cold, I gotta tell ya, I don’t really LOVE the cold, but its nice to venture into it now and then to explore a bit. That being said, I am heading out this week to do a bit of “below freezing” weather. More on that soon so stay tuned!

Lunch at the Blue Lagoon-2

Until my journey over to Iceland, It had never actually hit my radar as a place that I would want to visit…at least not until I saw some of the amazing images created by Trey Ratcliff. He has a jaw dropping collection of his art from Iceland right over here. If you haven’t seen his work, you MUST check it out.

So then, lets…

Meet the Artist – Trey Ratcliff

Now I know that if you are remotely interested in the art and creation of HDR Tonemapped images, you know of his work. That’s a given. For those who don’t, I  am most happy to introduce you to the artist that single handedly helped fuel my passion for photography and the digital arts.

His artistic talent and vision goes way beyond just making pretty pictures, but to be honest with you, the oscars are on and I still have a few things to pack! Check out his site for more of his art, training, vision, and passion for the creative arts!

Or watch the video over here!

As I head off into the Icecaves over the next couple of days, I am sure I will be applying a few techniques that I picked up from Trey along the way. If I have never expressed it before, thanks Trey for all you do for the art!

A few places to follow Trey. He is all over the net, so these are just a few 🙂

Treys “Stuck in Customs” Site

Trey on Facebook

Trey on Twitter

Trey on Instagram

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