The Bund in Shanghai, China as seen from the top of the Hyatt

My frantic pace of packing for the upcoming week of events finds me listening to a bit of a mix of music I used used for last nights event. So, what’s all that have to do with the image Mike? Once again, relatively nothing at all, except for the vibe. The Ibiza Global Chill Mix blasting on the Ipod as I processed this kinda put me in the mood and reminded me of this ultra hip location in Shanghai at the Hyatt on the Bund. A really great place to chill, soak in the Shanghai scene, and hang with your friends. Perhaps a little hipper and cooler than yours truly, but lets not tell anyone…..shhhh.

So, as I would love to post a few from the killer Halloween Event we were on last night, thats gonna have to wait for a couple of days, till I have a bit of time to put theme thru the ole’ process. Hopefully, it wont be too lame to post them a few days too late!

Have a safe one everyone. More to come soon!

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