The California Coast – Somewhere near something

That’s it Mike? The best title you’ve got for us tonight? You really have no idea where this was taken? Geeeez!

Well, I do now that I think of it…..

I stumbled into this cliff top and oceanside hotel after about a 10 hour drive zig zagging down the coast of California without any real idea how cool the beach was just steps from my room. Up on the hill behind the tree on the left side was the hotel actually. For me, an easy trek down to catch the great light in the early morning….had I decided to get up to see it that is!

Although the sun was getting a bit harsh, I explored this area a bit and shot a few videos. I have posted a couple before, in fact, here are the links to them if you haven’t seen them. They both give a little peak into the capture, processing, and refinement of the HDR image.

Video along the coast near Santa Barbara YouTube Link
Video near Pismo Beach YouTube Link

I have another one I plan to release soon from this area, so stay tuned!

Like I mentioned last night, there always seems to be a little music that influences my work. I have always been moved by the artistic melodies by Pat Metheny and Lyle Mays. I have linked to their work numerous times here before. Tonight, I was listening to a song from the solo works of Lyle Mays called “Close to Home” that kinda moved me. After a quick search on YouTube for the song, I stumbled upon this cool video from another fan of his work. This guy reproduces Lyles sound to a T! Worth a listen 🙂

As always, enjoy!

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