The colors of LaBoca – Buenos Aires, Argentina

I’m thinking about painting the outside of the building, what do ya think? Oh I don’t know, slap a few colors up and we’ll have a look see!

I didn’t really have alot of time to photograph all I wanted to here in Buennos Aires. It was certainly one of those “Oh, I gotta make it back here” places. Next time, I think I’ll do a little reasearch!

Speaking of that, I have an idea or 2 I am working on. Has a bit to do with photo locations. As a traveling image gatherer with a focus a few knotches above a casual snapshooter, I am always looking for the “inside scoop” on where to go.

If I’ve peaked your interest a bit, check out the blog. I have recently added a place to sign up for my future newsletter I am working on as well as a few other possible goodies!

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